What is one thing I would do differently as the nurse in this scenario?
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http://sonmedia.ttuhsc.edu/weaver/rnbsn/ (Watch the video first):What is one thing I would do differently as the nurse in the scenario above?Instructions:Please use a minimum of two scholarly and peer-reviewed American based references no greater than 5 years old Write 200 words.What were you thinking as you watched the scenario? As I was watching the scenario video, I was cringing as I observed the various errors this nurse was making. Use of the three checks and the rights of medication administration when administering medications can assist with safe administration of medications (Taylor, 2016). I was pointing out each error I believed she had made, and I was making notes. It made me remember everything I have learned in nursing school and everything I have learned so far practicing as a Registered Nurse. I was taking notes on what I could have done differently in this situation. For example, I would not print out the patients’ bar codes and scan them with the medications in the medication room. By doing so, you are more exposed to mixing the patients’ medications and making an error. The nurse received a call from the doctor in the middle of medication administration, leading her to be more exposed to committing an error. In a recently published study in the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers determined that the occurrence and frequency of interruptions during medication administration were significantly associated with medication administration errors—both procedural and clinical (Odom-Forren, 2010). Another error I noted was she did not do the patient’s medication rights or compared it with the MAR even though she had access to the mobile unit. This nurse never asked the patient to verify her name nor date of birth. She never explained the possible side effects of the drug’s purpose. It is understood that she was working in a busy unit; she can seek help from other nurses and could have asked for help with medications if she felt overwhelmed. It is better always to seek advice and assistance from other nurses instead of using shortcuts and be more prone to committing an error. Respond to above in 100 words ,American based references less than five years