What is your intended goal?
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The purpose of this assignment is to develop a strong, working foundation for your final paper. You will identify a topic area and develop a problem- or issue-related topic within that area of interest. As you develop this specific topic, keep in mind that your eventual goal is to formulate and present a solution to the healthcare issue or problem you identify. (PLEASE CHOOSE A TOPIC HEALTHCARE RELATED) thank you!!!Your topic proposal should include the following items and address the following:*Describe the topic you wish to pursue* 1)It may be somewhat broad at this point and it may imply a problem. Use the Additional Resources in your course materials to help you search for ideas.*Identify your purpose: Why are you interested in this topic? (Narrow your topic.)*1)Specifically explain what it is that fascinates you or draws you to this topic.2)Clearly describe the topic’s relevance in the field today.3)Identify a purpose for a paper on this topic: a)What might you accomplish in exploring this problem? b)What is your intended goal? -To evoke change -To make new connections (new cause and effect) -To introduce a new theory, solution, or idea c)Is this goal realistic?*Identify a problem within the topic and draft a problem statement. (It will likely evolve and be revised as you progress through your research.)