What makes a good legal essay introduction?
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What makes a good legal essay introduction?To come up with a good introduction, you need to put in mind main objectives it is meant to achieve. These are presenting arguments, providing a context, setting out parameters for the discussion and providing a brief outline of structure. The question provides an understanding of area of law in focus and how it addresses in the body. Therefore, it is important to set out main question a paper is supposed to answer and then explain how you plan to answer it.A good way of how to answer a legal essay question in the introduction would be:“This essay will refer to the weaknesses of the… Act and analyze effects of the implementation upon…”The introduction should also provide a roadmap to a user by illustrating structure used in a paper.2A classic example of law essay is following:“The essay will be divided into four main sections. In section I, the essay will provide an in- depth understanding of … Act. In section II, essay will examine the implementation of the act and in Section III, the essay will critic the amendment instrument and fnally indicate the position in the argument in section IV.”Body ParagraphIf you are asking how to write a good law essay, the answer would be – pay most of the attention to a body of it. To examine context and analysis of the legal concern effectively, it is important to give context and analysis of legal issue in a body paragraph. This demonstrates that you have a sound understanding of the topic in discussion. A writer should be able to refer to the applicability of law including Act of parliament in a legislation issue or case when relying on a judgment.For example, the writer may indicate:“In reference to section… Act… law clearly indicates that …” Or “In case of … vs. …”Secondly, you need to present your arguments in a clear and persuasive manner. The best way to do this is by including alternative sides of your argument, which shows that you have considered all aspects of issue before concluding on that matter.There are two things that are crucial in writing a body paragraph. These are topic sentence and transitions.A topic sentence gives a focus to paragraph. It is used as a tool to summarize the overall position taken by the author, paragraph then gives fne details of specifc arguments. In addition, the writer may also use the topic sentence to assess whether all content written in that paragraph is relevant to the legal essay.A good example of a topic sentence that demonstrates context and will help you with a law paper would be:“In 2011, the … Act was implemented to solve the critical issues of… However, this has been a big argument for its weaknesses including…”Depending on the title of paper, some may require including a variety of subjects. There is need to ensure seamless transitions in between the subjects. The best way to do this is through using co-joining words such as ‘in addition to,’ ’moreover,’ ’secondly’, ’similarly’, ’nevertheless.’ etc.3To show contrast, you could also use words such as, ’in contrast to, ’however, etc. This provides fow when reader is going through the essay.There are various structures used to write a body paragraph, and you need to select the most suitable one for your analysis.ConclusionThe purpose of conclusion is to reiterate the main argument and position taken by the student. It is important to ensure that the conclusion answers the question asked in the introduction. Finally, the conclusion should not contain new material and should be relative to what was written in a body.4Overall guidelines for legal writingIn addition to proper consideration of the structure, the following should be considered:Demonstrate knowledge and command of the subjectLaw is a constantly evolving area, which requires demonstration of a proper understanding of subject matter. Nevertheless, the knowledge is not enough if not demonstrated by ability to apply law to derive the legal answers.Logical fow and relevanceThe legal essay must be developed logically and systematically from issue identifcation/question to the analysis and authority as well as conclusion.Formal and convincing languageA common pitfall in writing an essay by some students is the use of informal language such as, “He made the wrong judgment because…” Instead, a good essay would say, “The argument made is unconvincing for the following reasons…”Personal insight and correct referencing of the legal essayFor a literary work to stand out, there is a need for originality, insight and personal argument by the writer. This demonstrates an independent and intellectual demeanor, which is excellent when backed up by authority.5 Category521Supporting EvidenceStudent(s) provide a very wide range of materials to support their claims and statements (articles, cases, legislations, etc.)Student(s) provide strong supporting evidence to back their claimsStudent(s) provide adequate evidence to support claimsStudent(s) provide weak evidence.Student(s) provide no supporting evidence.Essay is well structured with a good thesis and effective structure.643Your score Structure and effectivenessEssay is excellently structured with an introduction, body and conclusion. Essay maintains a clear thesis, and clear focus.Essay is adequately structured and presented.Essay is poorly structured and not well presented.Essay has no structure and is ineffective in explaining the concepts. Use of SourcesEssay contains a wide variety of sources and the student makes excellent use of referencing throughout the essay.Essay contains a decent number of sources and student makes strong use of reference throughout.Essay contains an adequate amount of sources and student makes adequate use of references throughout.Essay contains a weak variety of sources and little referencing is made throughout essay.Essay contains no references and a weak/non-existent bibliography Critical ThinkingEssay contains insightful analysis with unique presentation clear connections made to real life.Essay contains strong indications of critical thinking.Essay contains average indications of critical thinkingEssay contains very little critical thinking.Essay contains no critical thinking and weak analysis.CommentsTOTAL /20