Write a comparison of your baseline assessment and your post assessment results.
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In the post-assessment you will record again your eating and physical activity habits for two consecutive days. You must fill out 2 NEW OF FOOD INTAKE forms and one NEW physical activity-tracking form. In other words you will repeat what you did during the baseline assessment. Different than the previous one, your FOOD INTAKE ANALYSES require an estimated caloric intake per meal, TAKING INTO ACCOUNT (CHOs & FATS per MEAL). If your health status haven’t changed (e.g. become pregnant, have a new health problem, a new diet, etc), you don’t need a new “Personal Eating Plan” from the www.choosemyplate.gov website. HOWEVER it must be included again with this post assessment submission.Once you have recorded and analyzed your food intake and physical activity, you need to write a post-assessment (500 words) analysis were you compare your baseline assessment results (1st journal) with the post assessment (2nd journal). In addition, you will refer to your baseline assessment write up (action plan) and see if you followed your plan/goals.Basically, on this part, you will be providing the professor an update on your progress in contrast to your 1st baseline assessment results. If you didn’t include an action plan and baseline assessment previously (Part 1) this is your LAST CHANCE to write it and include it as part of your post-assessment. However, although all will be in the SAME DOCUMENT (FILE), this will be an image thus an extra PAGE. Once you have compared your baseline (1st Journal) with your post assessment (2ndJournal) you are ready to reflect about your post-assessment paper. In no less than 500 words you must include the following:What changes you made (or not) in your eating habits? Be specific and explain.Discuss changes in your BMI (if any). Do you want to change your present weight? Why?Are you following your eating and exercise plan/goals? If not, what are the barriers that you are still facing? How can you try to overcome these barriers?A comparison of your baseline assessment and your post assessment results. Meaning you will discuss the difference of your actual food intake and exercise/physical activity (before and after) and the dietary guideline recommendations of choosemyplate.gov.Also discuss if you were able to follow the plan that you wrote in your baseline write up section.What improvements, if any, did you notice between your baseline assessment and the post-assessment (compare them)? What did you learn about yourself? How different is your eating data from the patterns provided in the Appendix E?How easy or difficult was it for you to stick to your plan?