Write a paper where you demonstrate effective oral communication skills.
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One of the tips I have learned for delivering a powerful presentation is to maintain an eye contact with the audience. The other trick I have is to dance with the audience where I can employ rhetorical question just to keep them with the presentation. Am confident to present my paper via the video since it would be coherently arranged. There would be limited repetition in that the audience would be able to grasp every statement at it flows from one to another. My weakness in video representation is trying to condense huge information into simpler sentences within a short time. I have the tendency of either repeating myself or unable to summarize two paragraphs into two simple sentences. However, I have strength of delivering a presentation coherently without numerous pauses. Nonetheless, I would maximize my strengths by using as many conjunctions as I can or use words that carry numerous words. In addition, I would try to avoid using passive voice, which would reduce the number of words to be used in a sentence.

In your presentation, you should:

Exhibit comprehensive research and understanding by referencing important points and insights from the perspectives of inquiry papers.
Present your issue and your argument for your solution
Demonstrate effective oral communication skills:
Exhibit competency in using virtual presentation tools and techniques.
Remain within the time requirement.
Demonstrate planning, preparation, and practice.