Write a research paper on a camera .
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Write a research paper on a camera ..Name three lens of different focal length. 2.Name three essential technical aspects that control the digital image of a camera? 3.Every lens has a series of numbers that represent the amount of light that is coming into the lens. What is the term used to indicate this? 4.What is depth of field? List three factors that influence it? 5.What can you adjust to create shallow depth of field? 6.An ISO setting of 1600 compared to 400 is how many stops different? 7.What does the term “aspect ratio” mean? Write the typical aspect ratio for an HD camera. 8.If I have my camera set at 24 frames per second, what shutter speed would I set on my camera? 9.What is the difference between a zoom and a dolly? 10.Explain the difference between deep space and deep focus? 11.What kind of motion will 12 fps result in? 12.What kind of motion will 48 fps result in? 13.Explain the rule of thirds and draw a diagram to illustrate. 14.In a scene with two actors that involves the 180 degree rule, if you cross the imaginary 180 degree line, what becomes the most prominent problem? 15.Why is it important to maintain screen direction? 16.What does the term “blocking” mean when shooting a scene? 17.What is meant by motivated camera movement? 18.What is term coverage mean as it relates to shooting a scene? 19.What is a master shot? 20.Describe a “dutch angle” shot. 21.What is the purpose of a cut-away? 22.Explain the main elements of three-point lighting? 23.Draw a diagram of three-point lighting for a subject. 24.What is the difference between high key lighting and low key lighting in terms of how the scene looks? 25.Name a solution to fill in the shadows if you were lighting an interview. 26.When lighting a subject how could you make a light have a softer quality? 27.Define the purpose of continuity editing? 28.What is a jump cut? 29.What does the term “match on action” mean in editing? 30.Describe what parallel action in editing? 31.What does the term montage mean? 32.Explain what is a sequence in the editing software Premier or Imovie? 33.What is the purpose of a shot list and storyboard?