Write a research paper on Labor Law Considerations in Acquisition.
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Acquisition Advice We’ve decided to acquire one of our competitors, Croissants & More (C&M), which, as you may know, is a unionized outfit. The plan is to purchase the C&M bakery and all of C&M’s other assets, such as equipment, goodwill, and intellectual property, including the recipes. Since Pumpernickel, Inc. has always been non-union, we’d like to keep it that way, but I don’t want to end up in court or wherever you end up if you violate the applicable laws. I also want a smooth transition, with minimal downtime and I want capable employees who can keep the bakery going without missing a beat. We’re going to consult with our rather expensive legal counsel shortly. But I recall you telling me that you’re taking an advanced labor and employment law class right now. So, based on what you’ve learned so far, please give me an overview of some of the things that “I need to know.” For example, I’m wondering what law applies here; what are our obligations; do we have to recognize or bargain with the C&M union: what impacts or determines that obligation; how can we avoid the union; what do I need to keep in mind (or avoid) when I publicly announce this deal; what we should say to the C&M union and/or the current C&M employees now; is there a reason to say anything about the hiring process and terms of employment; can we just declare what the new terms of employment will be; should we do that; what happens if we say nothing about that topic; are we obliged to hire all or some of the current C&M folks; can we legally avoid doing so? Also, I’m wondering, if we hire non-C&M people, what kinds of legal challenges might we get and what can or should we do to avoid those challenges; if challenges are filed, how can we maximize our chances of winning those cases; what happens if we screw up and violate whatever the law governs this process? Are there penalties, fines, other consequences? And, last but not least, can we avoid all problems by just contracting out the whole hiring process (while we, or course, control it behind the scenes?) Since I may want to share this with our lawyers, be sure to provide specific identifying information for the statutes, cases (the name of the case and a citation) and legal principles that you reference. Thanks.