Write a research paper outlining which contentious corporate scandal sparked moral questions.
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Write a research paper outlining which contentious corporate scandal sparked moral questions.
The goal of the academic essay is to develop your academic
research skills. It also provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate that
you understood the relevant theories in business ethics and can apply them to
real-life problems. Furthermore, the academic essay aims to broaden your
horizon and strengthen your self-awareness, as you deliberate on the grand
challenges that humanity faces nowadays and reflect upon the role that
businesses and each individual can play in contributing towards their solutions.
How: Choose a recent business ethics scandal (max. 6 months old) and write an
academic essay, individually, on the basis your own personal experience and
well-justified opinion, one interview, academic articles (include at least 10),
lectures, guest lectures, and tutorials.
Length: 1500 (+/-10%) words
Draft (not-evaluated): 15th of March (only with a draft you can
participate in the peer-review)
Rubric: See Week 8: Academic Essay
(Individual Grade)
Anonymity: Grading is done anonymously (if possible). The student is asked
not to add their name on the academic essay (but only their student number).
Proposed structure of the academic essay (this is just a
Front page
a recent business ethics scandal (max 6 months old) in
the area of your specialization (or closely related) and a) introduce it
shortly and b) link it to a sustainable development goal. c) In your
personal opinion: Why is there a problem in your opinion and which of your
own personal values have been violated? (~300 words)
one academic theories of business ethics to explain the point of view of
your interviewee on this scandal. Provide evidence from your interview
that demonstrates why you believe that the interviewee’s answers fit a
certain business ethics theory. Shortly explain that theory as well with
relevant sources. If your interviewee cannot be categorized into one
specific theory of business ethics, then you can also demonstrate that
your interviewee made different (maybe inconsistent) statements. Important
is here that you try to analyse the arguments of your interviewee. (~500
a different academic (business) ethics theory and argue either against
your interviewee or extent the argument of your interviewee (~300 words).
on how you in your professional life can contribute to avoiding similar
business ethics scandals or alternatively how you could positively
contribute towards reaching the related SDG goal (~200 words)
one real-life institution that can be a solution to your specific
challenge (such as: governmental regulation/labels/multi-stakeholder
initiatives/alternative business models/corporation). What did you
personally learn from this existing example? (~200 words)
Appendix (if applicable)
For your information: Business ethics theories can
be shareholder theory, stakeholder theory, political CSR, communitarianism,
integrative social contract theory. However, you can also simply use a ‘Kantian
business ethics’ or Virtue Ethics as a business theory, then you need to go a
lot more in-depth on the ethical theory. If you want to use theories that have
not been part of the course, please consult with the lecturer.
The essay should contain the above-mentioned aspects.
However, it is up to you on how you want to structure it. The essay should be a
written piece in one flow. Headlines are allowed but should make sense
regarding the essay. Do not include the above listed tasks (1-5).