Write a review of the poem Margaret Atwood’s poem “You Fit Into Me” .
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Literary Work #6: Discussion Thread Margaret Atwood’s poem “You Fit Into Me” and Sharon Olds’ poem “Rite of Passage” are both short. As we learned when studying “Girl” as Modern or Post-Modern, Post-Modern literature tends to experiment with three conventions of writing: punctuation (using marks in unexpected ways or leaving them out all together), length (works are either gratuitously short or gratuitously long), and open endings (they tend to lack closure).PROMPT: Please post a comment upon how you might discuss these works as Post-Modern either using the above mentioned conventions or offering your own (possibly researched) definition. You may also want to address the difficulty of writing an academic paper on such short works. For full points, your original post must be at least 5-7 sentences long, and you must react to at least one classmate’s post in the same amount of sentences.Part of English Enc 1102 involves gathering research, understanding it, and using it as citations in final papers. Toward this goal, you will be locating two articles on every story or poem we read. In this module, we combine two poems and you only need to locate two articles…one on each. Please note that although it is preferable to locate articles pertaining to these poems in particular, any article concerning Atwood’s style and Olds’ style is acceptable. While there are many ways to locate research, most students find it easiest to use a search engine like “Google,” or “LibGuides” on HCC’s web page (please reread the addendum concerning critical research posted on our syllabus page) Your goal is to find articles that are viable — in other words, avoid Wikipedia, anonymous works, other students’ works, etc. and seek articles by scholars or professors. You are to post two articles for full credit. You do not need to summarize or annotate them.