Write an Empirical research plan.
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Write an Empirical research plan.Your written proposal will include: A. An overview or summary of the intended project a. Include any context that you feel is necessary b. Include what you hope to find from your research c. Include your Research Question d. Include your hypothesis B. Your initial research discoveries a. What type of sources have you already uncovered? b. How do you believe they will be helpful in creating your empirical research? C. The intended Audience you are writing the Report for D. Methods research: a. Give detailed desсrіption of your research plan, including a desсrіption of the types of research you intend to do (interview, observation, data collection, survey) E. Significance of this research: Explain the potential importance of the proposed work. Discuss any special or unusual ideas or contributions that the project offers. a. Sample of methodology (Survey or interview questions you intend to include; Who, what, when, and where you will observe; what, where, and why you will inventory items..)