Write an essay on the Random Acts of Kindness,
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Visit the “Assignment Prompts” module and pick one of the 8 prompts to complete for this assignment. Each prompt has its own instructions, writing requirements, and includes a word document template you can use to write your assignment.
All assignments should be written in APA format meaning they should contain a title page and a reference page, be double-spaced, written in essay format (organized by paragraphs), using only Times New Roman font, size 12, and contain citations from your text book and any other sources you use.
You must make connections between your assignment prompt and our text book. Please do this by including a citation/s, as well as referencing the text book on the reference page. For example, if you select the prompt “Prejudices and Discrimination”, you should read through chapter 12 of your text book, find useful or related information that you would like to contribute to your assignment, and then include a citation for the text book at the end of the sentence. The word document templates within each prompt have citation examples, as well as what your reference page should look like.