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Select one or more projects to write with: Boston Dynamics; Artificial intelligence and robotics;T+E+A+M “A Range Life”; Hans Scharoun, Berlin Philharmonic; Diller Scofidio + Renfro, the Shed; Andrew Holder LADG “The Kid Gets Out of the Picture.” Some advice from my professor: 1) The “what’s at stake?” question will be particularly useful for such an analysis. What is at stake in the reading and what is at stake in the architectural work? 2) You should not assume that the paper “describes” the work or that the work “illustrates” the reading. You will need to find commonalities/differences between reading and building that help you analyze the relation between them, but it does not have to be a perfect fit. It is OK if they “collide” with each other. After all, we are talking about bringing different mediums into the same place—texts vs. projects 3) Some historical research on the contexts of the reading and/or building/project is often helpful to bring out the “tables of operation” upon which each depend. Wikipedia should only be the first step in historical research—it can lead you to other, more comprehensive, information.