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Please read the topic question below and provide a detailed initial response. Quotes should not be used at all or used sparingly. However, should you quote a source, quotation marks should be used and an APA 7th ed. formatted citation and Reference provided: Paragrah 1: 75-100 words answering the question below: For the first metacognitive activity define what “research methods” means to you, in your own words. Think about it in regards to your own discipline. Now that you have a better understanding of what research methods is, reflect on what you wrote above and answer the questions below: • How has your understanding changed? • Provide an example of how research methods applies in your discipline. • How might you be able to use what you learned in this course in your life, personally and/or professionally? • Do you have lingering questions or need clarification on anything that has been covered in this module? This is a great opportunity to ask, so be sure you do!