Crime TV How is criminality represented on television?
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Crime TV How is criminality represented on television? The articles in the Topic Folder will be useful background reading here. Your report should state a clear context and aim to provide a theoretical discussion by reference, discussion or evaluation of ‘cultivation theory’ or ‘effects theory’. News segments or programs, current affairs shows, reality television, drama, if research is available, a comparative analysis between two shows within a specific crime genre; an historical analysis of changes to a particular kind of crime genre (e.g. the ‘police procedural’); or a specific type or field of law enforcement/criminality (e.g. the intelligence community/terrorism). This assignment is the culmination of the entire unit. It requires knowledge of how to research, how to critically analyse texts, how to present clearly the material you have gathered, and the use of careful references to show where the material has come from. A report is generally a presentation of research in a stylised format. In this instance you will undertake independent research to address one of the provided set questions that relates to one of the topic areas you examined in the Critical Analysis assignment. The set questions, with more detailed guidance on how to use your selected question in the assignment, are provided in the folder below. A minimum of 8 appropriate, independently sourced references is required to a Pass level in this research assignment. Of these eight sources, only one can be an internet source that is not a government or other authoritative source. Seven sources should be scholarly. You may use the articles provided in the Topic Folder, however as these are course materials they will not count towards your 8 appropriate references (i.e., you must locate 8 sources independently). The Report should include an overview of the field or topic and must show evidence of independent research, chiefly, academic journal articles. Peer-reviewed sources must form the vast majority of the sources utilised to answer the question. The Report should be organised by, and clearly show, all the prescribed headings provided in the tutorials. Ensure you consult the Criteria Sheet (below) and are clear on what criteria the assignment will be marked against.