Write a paper on African American women’ as well as ‘colored maternal women’
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Below you will find the prompt for the literature review, my rough draft, and a pdf version of my rough draft with my professor’s feedback. I would like the paper corrected following my professor’s feedback. My professor’s main comments “Great work. There is feedback within the body of the paper. Overall the paper is on the write track. The population and outcomes need further clarity as does the overall writing. There was a lot of statements that could be considered opinion, but the literature review is fact finding. Please work with the writing center on these topics. Other feedback is written below. Applying this feedback will provide you the best results for your final draft grade. One note for the overall paper: there is the use of ‘Black women,’ ‘African American women’ as well as ‘colored maternal women’ as interchangeable terms. The suggestion is to use one term by noting all of them at the beginning of the paper and then state the use of one for the consistency in the paper. Or Always use all is another alternative. Risk factors: chosen factors are good, but they would be made better by providing stats from the studies and clearly tying the studies into the chosen risk factor. The studies cited in the risk factor come across as an annotated bibliography, so it is important to note the big takeaways from the studies as synthesized information associated to the research topic. Criterion 7 | Writing Format – you received at 5, but there wasn’t a 5 to chose from when filling out this rubric.