EXHIBITION REVIEW What Endures Philip Guston?
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EXHIBITION REVIEW · This assignment asks you to write a review of an online exhibition. https://www.vip-hauserwirth.com/online-exhibitions/philip-guston-what-endures/3. Click What Endures to see the interactive online tour and for for the exhibition information, Philip Guston, Hauser & WirthOther sources you could look at include other reviews of the same exhibition, interviews with the artist or video walk-throughs with the curator. Things to take into account to write this review would be: · Evaluate the theme and content of the show in relation to the artist’s overall oeuvre and some of their previous exhibitions.· Examine the title of the show – what is the meaning? How does it relate to the works? Do you think it is appropriate? Why/why not?· An overview of the artworks included in the show in general, briefly highlighting a number of artworks.· Do not use up your word limit describing each and every work. Rather, identify thematic and/or stylistic connections between works.· If there is a particular work that was especially instrumental for your experience, describe that work in more depth· What contributions to art history and contemporary art does this exhibition make in a wider sense?· Consider the context of the gallery – what kind of establishment is it? Mainstream? Small? Political? Commerical? Is the artist a good fit for the institution?· What did you enjoy about the exhibition, and what disappointed or troubled you? Say WHY.· How is the artist presented? – Study any available extra material such as press releases, the website literature, exhibition handouts, curator’s notes, and if possible the interpretation (i.e. the labels next to the artworks and the large wall texts that introduce and contextualize the artists).The aim of the review is to practice and deepen your analytic and writing skills; to examine art history in a wider context; and to think the impact and power that institutions have in audience interpretation of artists and artworks. This is more than simply describing the exhibition, it is a critical analysis and a chance to express your impressions creatively.