List court cases, codes, and rulings .
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A.Read Chapter 8. B.List court cases, codes, and rulings that you will use in your article (with proper citations)C.You must use the legal cites which are listed first on the book flapD.Your paper will cover Hobby Losses and how Joe can avoid them. Be sure the tax advisers questions are answeredNotes:Joe Downhill went to undergraduate school at Dartmouth University. During ski season Joe would ski each day. Presently Joe is a CEO in a large firm in Boston where his annual salary exceeds $15,000,000. Joe plans to buy a ski resort in Maine. He plans to make very extensive and costly repairs and improvements to the resort. Joe plans to manage the resort from Boston using the latest technology. Joe’s tax adviser is concerned that the resort will probably have many loss years. In the past few years, the snow fall in Maine has been very weak. Moreover COVID-19 will probably have a big effect on number of people who ski. The tax adviser is concerned if Joe can meet the materially participate test, He is worried that the resort will be deemed a hobby loss by the IRS.