Information Systems Strategic Plan: Electronic Proving Ground.
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Complete the following sections of the Information Strategic Plan Template:Procedures and methods used during this investigation (all components).Overview of Current Systems Operations (all parts).Please add on to the document attached. We are using the text book IT Strategy & Innovation 4th edition if you can somehow get access to this. If not that is fine. In the document I am writing about how the Army Electronic Proving Ground needs to develop an IT strategy to move from using removable media such as; flash drives, external drives, and CDs for transferring test data. The Idea is to move to a central networked file server that testers will be able to transfer data to that. This helps with redundancy, quality control (drives fail), access, and security. This test data is important for development of communications technology for the Army. Another reason this switch is important is because the Army does not allow removable media anymore.