What does it mean to “consecrate” a place?
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Quotation Activity – Gettysburg AddressIt is important to be able to incorporate your sources effectively through direct quotation. For this activity, you will use Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address” to practice writing an essay while effectively incorporating quotations to help support your discussion.For this activity, you will write an essay and address the following points:What is a “proposition” in the sense that Lincoln uses it?What does it mean to “consecrate” a place?What is “hallowed” ground?The “Gettysburg Address” is short but very famous. He was the President, he could have spoken longer, and most speakers that day, in fact, delivered much longer speeches. He wasn’t pressed for time. He had time to prepare. A long speech was expected of him. Why do you think Lincoln kept it so short? (Hint: Where was he speaking and why? How did his “rhetorical situation” influence him?)Do you see any correlations from Douglass’ work to this work? If so, how do you see this occurring in the text? Be sure to quote from Douglass if you see a correlation.Requirements:Your written paper should be two to three pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages, which you must include.You must accurately insert a quote in your analysis to provide in-text evidence from the address, and you must comment on the quote to demonstrate you are thinking in a critical manner.Text:The text of the “Gettysburg Address” can be accessed through the Yale Law School Avalon Project: The Gettysburg AddressVideo:This video is from PBS and notes the events leading up to Lincoln’s drafting the Gettysburg address. Scholars will read the address and provide analysis. Pay close attention to the analysis as it will help you to formulate your critical thinking assignment this week.Lincoln @ Gettysburghttps://search-alexanderstreet-com.csuglobal.idm.oclc.org/embed/token/07tmsoj5eprnocho60o36e1j?account_id=38569&usage_group_id=62621