What is the role of communication in business management or business administration?
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What is the role of communication in business management or business administration?Below are 8 topics related to business communication. Choose one and write a 4-6 page paper on the topic. You will be graded on organization, style, writing mechanics, use of research and your own communication skills. You will need to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of original written work and the role of proper citations and references, avoiding plagiarism of either a deliberate or inadvertent nature.

Discuss One of These Topics:

1. The Key Role of Communication in Business( My topic choice).

2. How to Have Effective Business Communication

3. Barriers to Business Communication

4. The Communication Process in an Entrepreneurial Role

5. The Communication Process in a Managerial Role

6. Current Trends in Business Communication

7. Business Communication Now Vs the Future

8. How to Communication Negative Messages

Keep in mind that this essay is being monitored b “TurnItIn” which exams the paper for plagiarism and ai assistance. Students with a TurnItInScore between 30-50% will be asked to resubmit their paper and achieve a score unde 30%. You will also automatically lose 20% of your grade. If you have a TurnItIn score above 50% on your final submission, you will receive an “F” on the paper. This means… please ensure your paper doesn’t match other online sources by more than 30% even if you are using quotes.

VERY IMPORTANT: During Week 11 You will use Artificial Intelligence (AI Technology) to Enhance your paper. DO NOT do that this week. If you do, you will get a “0”. This paper needs to be in your own words and at your own level so I have an opportunity to teach you how to make changes.

— How to Get an A! —

All assignments must be written in APA formatting. Don’t forget to use size 12 font and double spacing. The assignment should be at least 4-6 pages. You must also include at least 1 outside references per page – so thats a minimum of 4-6 references. Be sure to create a reference page and have all outside references listed there. Please remember that of you don’t do well on this assignment then it could effect your grade during the Week 11 AI Resubmission. Its important to do your best work this week. Feel free to look at the Week 6 AI assignment to for details on how we will use this assignment there.