Which of the 7 Principles of Social Responsibility do you think Volkswagen breached with this scandal? Why?
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watch a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5TvFY7xRDM answer the question: Which of the 7 Principles of Social Responsibility do you think Volkswagen breached with this scandal? Why? The Social Responsibility Principles1. Accountability“An organization should be accountable for its impacts on society, the economy and theenvironment.”• An organization should accept and respond to scrutiny• Management answerable to controlling interestsand legal authorities• Answerability varies according impacts and circumstances• Accepting responsibility, remedial & preventive actions2. Transparency“An organization should be transparent in its decisions and activities that impact on society and theenvironment.”.• Purpose, nature & location of activities• Identity of controlling interests• Decision making, functions, authorities, responsibilities• Performance evaluation criteria• Performance on relevant & significant issues of SR• Sources, amounts and application of its funds• Known and likely impacts on stakeholders & TBL• Stakeholder identification and engagement3. Ethical Behaviour“An organization should behave ethically.”• Identify and state Core Values & Principles• Governance Structures• Standards of ethical behaviour (adoption, communication)• Prevent or Resolve conflicts of interest• Monitoring, Supporting, Enforcing Mechanisms• “Safe Reporting” of Unethical behaviour (whistleblowing)• Address absence or conflict with local laws4. Respect for Stakeholder Interests“An organization should respect, consider and respond to the interests of its stakeholders.”• Identify stakeholders• Recognise & address interests, legal rights andrespond to concerns• Some stakeholders can significantly affect the organization• Ability of stakeholders to contact, influence & engage• Relations of stakeholders to society, SD, and organization• Consider views of informal or unaware stakeholders5. Respect for Rule of Law“An organization should accept that respect for the rule of law is mandatory.”• Comply with legal requirements, even if not enforced• Relationships and activities comply with legal framework• Keep informed on legal obligations• Periodically review compliance6. Respect for International Norms of Behaviour“An organization should respect international norms of behaviour, while adhering to the principle ofrespect for the rule of law.”.• Respect norms of behaviour in absence of legal safeguards• In conflict with the law, respect international norms to the greatest extent possible• In conflict with the law with significant consequences, review activities and relationships in thatjurisdiction• Consider opportunities & channels to remedy conflict• Avoid Complicity7. Respect for Human Rights“An organization should respect human rights and recognize both their importance and theiruniversality.”• Respect & Promote International Bill of Rights• Respect Universality (countries, cultures, situations)• When not protected respect and not take advantage• If law is inadequate consider principle on Int. Norms of Behaviour