Write a research paper about biblical textual analysis’s definition.

Write a research paper about biblical textual analysis’s definition.
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Write a research paper about biblical textual analysis’s definition.; 1 Timothy Read any of the following Bible texts, CHOOSE ONE and wrote a text analysis using one of the below bible criticisms in 300-400 words Ways to read the Bible: Comes from the Greek Implies discerning, perceive certain aspects Enlightenment and rationalists, bulked of medieval periods and reformations Literary criticism: treats bible as a piece of literature / major characters, plot, crisis, recurring themes ideas symbols words, who the protagonist is, principle actor Historical socio historic criticism: Surrounding cultures, history, major events, read connections in connection Source criticism: not a single text but a group of texts, looks at major sources/written sections to form the whole. Form criticism: focuses on oral aspects of stories, societies that produced these works, oral cultures. Shared stories by word of mouth. Redaction criticism: editor, how the editor/author organize, make choices, combine stories, various events. Critical choices to tell their own stories while working with earlier stories. What choices they make and why. Genre criticism: written form of the text, form, style, plays on the idea that certain genres are written and read in a different ways. Reader/ respond criticism: take seriously the reader and how the text is encountered and experienced. Think about how ancient people would have read it, in its early context. How do you react to this text, what is shocking surprising. Hermeneutics/ feminist; liberation: feminist approach or gender view point. Gender issues fit don’t fit? Liberation theology, used with stories of Jesus mostly, only understood when read from the eyes of the poor. Not a perspective of all. Canon criticism: total collection of the Bible. Canonization, how all these books came together how it happened, choices, how all the books became one as a whole. How the whole functions together. Textual criticism: work with original manuscripts to correlate all differences and come up with the “most” accurate text.