Critically evaluate the legacy of an historical figure and to make a well-reasoned argument.
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There are few names in American history as recognizable as Christopher Columbus. Columbus has long been hailed for his contribution of opening the Americas to European settlement. Indeed, Americans have been called on to recognize Columbus’s contributions since the tricentennial (1792) of his first voyage. Italian-Americans, in particular, have sought to honor his contributions, a movement that began in earnest as the numbers of Italian immigrants coming to America soared in the late 1800s. But as the clip from “The Sopranos” referenced in Module 1 (here is a better version of that clip) shows, not all think Columbus worthy of veneration. Native Americans in particular take offense to a day designed to celebrate an individual whose brutality toward the Native populations he encountered is well documented. Arguments about Columbus Day have become particularly heated in the half century since the civil rights movement. Read the first portion of Chapter 1 in the Zinn textbook (from the beginning of the chapter through the paragraph that begins “The treatment of heroes…”) and watch this 1-minute video entitled “Reconsider Columbus Day”. Then, consider this piece in Phi Beta Kappa’s The American Scholar and this New York Times article defending Columbus Day. Finally, answer the questions below and defend your answers. (If you’d like, you are also welcome to include any additional source of your choosing, provided you cite it.) Should Columbus Day be a federal holiday in America? (Remember, federal holidays are designated by Congress. So, many believe that setting aside a day to honor Columbus is akin to sanctioning his actions.) Why or why not? What, if any, role does presentism play in our modern arguments about Columbus Day? (If you don’t know what presentism is, take minute and look it up.) Are there other federal holidays (here’s a list of them) that should be reconsidered as well? Why or why not?