Describe Self-Awareness and Values Exercise.
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Social workers deal with varied situations that may be congruent or dissonant with their personal values. Can you identify what your personal values are for the following situations: abortion, genetic screening, religious beliefs or their absence, personal and family responsibility, family planning and contraception, sexual intercourse before marriage,and pornography? From where did you derive your personal values? can you identify how your values play part in your personal life and how they might play a part in your professional life? What is said regarding social work practice also holds true for ethical decision making: “As important as self-awareness is value awareness. Helpers cannot be effective if they are not aware of their own values and the impact these can have on the helping process. Many decisions we make as helper are based on the values we hold” (Alle-Corliss & Alle- Corliss, 1999, p.11) These topics need to be discussed 1. Abortion 2. Genetic screening 3. Religious Beliefs or absence of beliefs 4.Personal and family responsibility 5.Family planning and contraception 6. Sexual intercourse before marriage 7.Pornography 8. Discussion of Origins of personal values 9 Discussion of the impact of personal values