Discuss the development of leadership in stakeholders .

Discuss the development of leadership in stakeholders .
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• Describe the leadership role a college teacher (see context below) holds and explain how a college teacher can and does measure up on each of the managerial leadership skills listed in your readings, including chapter one and others of the core text Leadership: Theory, Application, & Skill Development (6th Edition) by Lussier and Achua please. Provide behavioral examples to support this analysis.
• Describe the way in which a private career college helps stakeholders (students and teachers for example) develop leadership skills. Be specific and provide examples. Some examples could involve the teacher develop leadership skills in his or her business students.
• Explain in detail, what a teacher can do in the future to improve how a college develops leadership skills.

Important background info:
The context is that the teacher is a leader; and that the classes are comprised each of 35 young adults 19-25, from overseas, speakers of other languages, at a private college. Their 2yr program is Business Admin.

1. Leadership: Theory, Application, & Skill Development. 6th Edition – 978-1285866352
2. Leadership: Theory and Practice. 7th edition, by Peter G. Northouse