On a number line, which of the following would be the FARTHEST from the number 1? Group of answer choices -5 10 0 -10
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Question 1

In a single line people waiting to purchase tickets for a movie, there are currently 10 people behind Sheila. If 3 of the people who are currently in line ahead of Sheila purchase tickets and leave the line, and no one else leaves the line, there will be 8 people ahead of Sheila in the line. How many people are in the line currently?
Group of answer choices





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Question 2
The table below shows the frequency distribution of the heights of 80 students. What is the least possible range of the heights of the 80 students?
Height (centimeters)
Number of Students
Group of answer choices





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Question 3

Each year, the members of a book club select novels and nonfiction books to read. The club meets 3 times to discuss each novel and 5 times to discuss each nonfiction book they select. Last year, the club met 52 times and discussed 12 books. How many novels did the club discuss last year?
Group of answer choices





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Question 4

Which statement would be most closest to a constructivist view of teaching and learning?
Group of answer choices

“Adults are the most intriguing people in their current professions.”

“Children inherit the world’s view as we now know it.”

“Children learn best when they are able to visualize what is being taught.”

“As adults develop, they are able to understand their individualism without the interpretation of others.”

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Question 5

On a number line, which of the following would be the FARTHEST from the number 1?
Group of answer choices





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Question 6

It is evident that some people are kinesthetic learners. Sometimes these types of learners need activities that may lend to their learning styles. Which of the following types of activities would be adaptable for a kinesthetic learner?
Group of answer choices

Reading a newspaper

Playing a sport


Writing a research paper

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Question 7

A car can get 33 miles per gallon using gasoline that costs $2.95 per gallon. Approximately what would be the cost, in dollars, of the gasoline used in driving the car 350 miles?
Group of answer choices





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Question 8

Technology is constantly ever-changing. If computers were replaced by another type of technological device, which of the following could most likely serve as its replacement?
Group of answer choices

Apple Watch

Apple I-phone

Samsung Galaxy

Apple I-Pad

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Question 9

If the Federal Reserve Board decreased interest rates in 2005 and increased them by 1% in 2015, which of the following U.S. groups would be most affected?
Group of answer choices


Car Owners

Cell Phone Users

Fast Food Restaurant Employees

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Question 10

In a factory that makes paint, the first machine working alone at its constant rate, produces X pounds of paint in 12 minutes. The second machine working alone at its constant rate produces X pounds of paint in 18 minutes. How many minutes would it take both machines, working simultaneously, at their respective constant rates, to produce X pounds of paint?
Group of answer choices

5 minutes

7.2 minutes

8.7 minutes

1.5 minutes