What are the weaknesses of the IMP?
January 23, 2020 Comments Off on What are the weaknesses of the IMP? Assignment Assignment help

Policy brief documentEach student must submit a maximum 3-page of policy brief document based on the reading of the full Integrated Mobility Plan. Planners are often required to write reports succinctly—whether short or not very short—to communicate to supervisors, politicians, or community members. Many of whom you communicate are not necessarily well versed in planning issues or technical terms. They may not have a lot of time or patience to read lengthy reports. In this part of the assignment, you will offer a concise briefing of the policies considered in the plan. At the same time, you will identify its strengthsand weaknesses compared to other integrated mobility plans and/or transportation and land use plans (i.e. the Big Moves of Toronto region). The policy brief document should include:(1)Summary of the report (maximum one-page) (2)Critique (maximum two-pages). Specifically, include the following:a.What are the strengths of the Integrated Mobility Plan (IMP)? b.What are the weaknesses of the IMP? c.What is missing? What additional plans or areas of interests you would have considered within the scope of the IMP, compared to other similar plans across North America/Europe? d.List any change that you may ask for if a consultant submits this report to you.