What does the speaker want the listener to do?
November 29, 2019 Comments Off on What does the speaker want the listener to do? Statistics Assignment help

1) Speech Goal: What is the goal of the speech? What does the speaker want the listener to do?
2) Speech Organization: What is the overall organizational structure of the message?
3) Speakers Role: What kind of relationship has the speaker established with the audience? Does he or she speak from a position of power? As an equal? How does this role established by the speaker influence the speech’s effectiveness
4) Speaker’s Tone: What is the overall tone, or “feel,” of the message? How does the speaker use supporting material and delivery clues to establish an overall tone of speech?
5) Speakers Techniques: What does the speaker do to establish credibility? Does the speaker use logical arguments, tell effective and interesting stories, use emotional appeals, and use interesting and precise language?
6) Audience: Who is the intended audience? How effectively and appropriate does the speaker connect to the interest, needs and background of the audience? How does the speaker make the connection with the audience?
7) What was your favorite aspect of the speech, and why?
8) Why is this activity relevant?