What’s the “magic of the movies”?
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Chapter 1 1. Describe what Romanowski means “framework of expectations”? To answer this question, explore his approach and explain his concern over the relationship between form, style, and perspective. What does the framework of expectations refer to? How does Romanowski intend to use it to analyze film? How does outlook and perspective fit in. (Hint: see pages 6-9). Chapter 2 2. What are Romanoswki’s Biblical ideas for thinking about film? (Hint: He describes this a 4 basic principles that serve as a guide for engaging cinema). Next, what does he mean by “to engage a film on its own terms”? How are we to engage a film? What’s the Golden Rule for film critique? (hint: see pages 25-27) Chapter 3 3. What’s the “magic of the movies”? How do filmmakers suspend belief and create illusion? What is watching and critiquing a movie a “complex phenomenon”? What are the two “takes of film interpretation?