Write a paper on Child Observation.
February 4, 2020 Comments Off on Write a paper on Child Observation. Assignment Assignment help

• Riverside City Campus Child Development Center—Preschool Observation 

Students need to pick one child and observe (without interacting with the child) for minimum of one hour hopefully at the RCC Child Development Center. The student will take detailed notes based on what you see and hear the child doing and saying without adding your own personal comments on how you (the student) think the child feels, or if the child is normal or abnormal. After completing the observation, describe in detail what you observed without adding additional comments or summarizing. Next, you will identify and apply concepts (fine motor, cooperative play, emotional regulation etc.) to the observed child’s behavior and connect them to the appropriate developmental domain (biosocial, cognitive, or psychosocial domain). [Example of a sentence in an observation paper: De Andre sat at the manipulative table, picked up the red playdough and began to cut the play dough with scissors (fine-motor; biosocial domain)]. The concepts linked to the child’s behaviors should be concepts that are discussed in the textbook and lecture.