Analyze leadership and management roles in change management.
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Analyze leadership and management roles in change management.

An effective leader must possess the skills, emotional intelligence, and knowledge base to influence and convince the members of the organization to not only adopt, but to become advocates for the change that the leader seeks to implement.

In order for one to develop the leadership skills that are required to affect change within the organization, one must become familiar with a variety of approaches previously utilized by successful leaders and managers in organizational transformation.

For this assignment, utilize the Rasmussen Business Library resource to research a business case study of an organization going through strategic change. Then research two leadership strategies that have been used to successfully drive organizational change during the past 10 years. Once you have located these strategies, write a paper analyzing the effectiveness of each strategy, and relate how effective management strategy alone may well be challenged to achieve desired change without effective leadership. In your analysis, address the following:

  • Identify and research two leadership strategies.
  • Develop a description of the leadership strategies.
  • Formulate an overview of how the strategy is used and rate its effectiveness.
  • Argue whether the strategy is still relevant and effective in present day organizations. Why or Why not?
  • Describe how management alone will fall short of achieving desired organizational change without all levels of leadership effectively operating in their rolls.

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