Define the strawman fallacy.

Define the strawman fallacy.
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1. How does the book define the Author’s Purpose? Explain their reasoning. worth 5 points
2. Define the Toulmin Model. List its six steps as well. worth 7 points
3. Provide the book’s definition for The Author’s Methods. Explain their reasoning. worth 5 points
4. Define the strawman fallacy. Please provide an example of a strawman argument. Here is the thesis: To excel in college, you will need to attend to every class; do all your reading before you go; write multiple drafts of each assignment and review your notes for each lecture. Worth 5 points
5. Apply 4 of the 7 author’s methods to Tina Fey’s essay, “Confessions of a Juggler.” (A-G) Provide textual evidence to support your responses. Explain your reasoning for each response. (3 sentences minimum per response) worth 20 points

The Author’s Methods:

1. Does the writer quote authorities? Are these authorities competent in this field?
2. Does the writer use statistics? If so, who compiled them, and are they appropriate to the point being argued?
3. Does the writer build the argument by using examples or analogies? Are they satisfactory?
4. Are the writer’s assumptions acceptable?
5. Does the writer consider all relevant factors? Has he or she omitted some points that think should be discussed?
6. Does the writer seek to persuade by means of ridicule? if so, is the ridicule fair: Is it supported by rational argument?
7. Is the argument aimed at a particular audience?