Describe Facilitating Cognitive Learning.
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• Arie: 2.5 years, typically developing
• Garrett: 3 years, developmentally delayed
• Salor: 2.8 years, diagnosed with ASD
• Brady: 3 years, typically developing
• Nicholas: 2.9 years, typically developing
• Joshua: 3 years, typically developing
• Rebecca: 2.6 years, diagnosed with Cerebal palsy

Jessica is the educator in the preschool room at Kiddie City Daycare. She has just been transferred from the after-school program where she worked for three years. Jessica has been providing the children with a daily group time where she focuses on cognitive skills. This group time typically happens after snack and is often rushed with children getting upset with the transition. Group time runs from 10:15-11:15 am. During group time Jessica typically sings songs, reads books and shows the children flashcards to work on their cognitive skills. Currently she is having trouble with Salor who is having trouble sitting for group time and staying focused. Garrett is not able to remember what is on the flashcards and Rebecca does not seem to pay attention. Jessica is getting increasingly frustrated with her group and has come to you for suggestions.