Describe how team dynamics impact performance.
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  1. As the operations manager of a large company, analyze what the operations manager does and discuss how the operations side of the business operates. Describe how team dynamics impact performance. Provide specific examples of what operations managers do. 
  2. Use outside research to identify two current challenges faced in operations management and the strategies companies use to address those challenges. Suggest a third future challenge that might be found in operations management and suggest how that future problem might be addressed. Take into consideration changing technology and communication trends. 
  3. Research the ISO 9001 standards. How might Six sigma be used to support this quality management framework? 
  4. You are the operations manager and you are running a high tech and fast-paced operation and you have been asked to develop the competitive priorities or key measurement metrics to be used by the company (Quality, Productivity, Cost, and Profitability). Provide specific examples of how you will influence these priorities in your organization. 
  5. How does the adoption of a Six Sigma approach within an organization change the amount and types of data that may be gathered routinely, as well as for specific projects? What should be done to facilitate this data collection? 
  6. As an operations manager of a new company making tablet computers you must weigh the different facility layout alternatives. Discuss and differentiate the product layout, process layout, cellular layout, and fixed-position layout state the advantages and disadvantages of each for your tablet computer manufacturing operation.