Describe the organization’s mission, purpose, objectives, goals, etc.
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Various agencies contribute to the social  services offered in social work practice. Although the goal of many  social work agencies may appear the same—to offer social services to  clients who need them—each agency provides a unique approach or  opportunity to deliver those needs.

As a  future social worker, understanding the position of your agency in  reference to the world of social work practice might provide valuable  perspectives for applying your professional skills.

Create an Agency PowerPoint Presentation that includes the following:

  1. Describe  the organization’s mission, purpose, objectives, goals, etc. What does  the organization seek to accomplish? What services/programs are provided  to meet the organization’s purpose? What gaps exist between stated  goals/objectives and actual services?
  2. Provide an explanation of the agencies mission statement and a comparison to your agency learning agreement.
  3. Who are the clients of the organization? What are their demographics? How many clients are served annually?
  4. What  are the funding sources for the organization? How are funding decisions  made?  Give an example of how funding impacts the provision of  services.
  5. Define  the organization as a nonprofit, for-profit, or public entity. How does  this designation define the work of the organization?
  6. How  is service delivery structured to meet the needs of clients? What is  the social  work role in the organization? What is your role as a social  work intern within the agency ?
  7. Describe the process for evaluating client/organizational outcomes.
  8. Critically analyze the organization’s strengths and weaknesses.