Discuss the impacts of University students reckless behavior.
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The Critical Assignment for Experimental Psychology (PSY 460) is designed to demonstrate a student’s knowledge and skill in designing an experiment, collecting data, analyzing data, and writing a complete APA Empirical Paper.

The specific objective of the Critical Assignment for PSY 460 is to enhance the student’s ability to collect data using the scientific method including: analyzing data, writing a complete empirical paper, and preparing the paper for publication. This critical assignment will demonstrate the student understands the importance of science in the field of psychology for advancing knowledge. Each student will also demonstrate how to input data, analyze the data, and finally evaluate the output of a statistical analysis. These skills will allow the student to become competent in data analysis, which is necessary for obtaining a job in the psychology field or for entering graduate school. In PSY 460, each student will have a topic to empirically investigate in the field of psychology and will develop a literature review, hypothesis, and method section. After this study has been approved by the IRB committee, the student will begin to collect data and then analyze the data.