Explain/describe your motivations to return to the RA Position.

1. As an RA, you are committed to serving your residents, hall, and the department. Due to the intensity of the position, RAs are restricted from being on staff due to senior capstone projects, student teaching, internships, or other senior academic requirements. RAs are required to fulfill their contractual responsibilities for a full academic year.

Please describe your outside employment and extracurricular commitments for the academic year as well as the time commitment (in hours) for each.

2.Explain/describe your motivations to return to the RA Position. What do you want to achieve or learn in the next year if re-hired as an RA?

3. What aspects of the RA position have you been most successful in and which aspects have been most challenging? How will you utilize your strengths to improve in the position if selected to return?

4. Describe specific strategies you have used as an RA to build community and to address trends/student needs on your floor.

5. As a returning staff member, describe how you would contribute to a positive team dynamic.

6. Explain why you are interested in working with these specific student populations, and how you would apply your existing skills in working with the types of communities you selected.