Explain the concept of psychopathology?
April 1, 2020 Comments Off on Explain the concept of psychopathology? Course Work Assignment help
Psychopathology 1. Explain the concept of psychopathology? 2. Describe how biological psychology has emerged? 3. How can one describe the biological psychology related to psychopathology? 4. What does neuropsychology mean and what does cognitive neuroscience mean? 5. Describe the brain structure and note which psychological functions the various parts are linked to. This is perhaps the most demanding part of this task, but systematically go through the outer and inner brain structures, search for the links to the psychology in the text and describe their role in relation to the psychological functions. 6. Describe the functioning of the nerve cell 7. Describe the importance of serotonin, dopamine, GABA, glutamate, endorphins and MAO 8. Describe the mechanism (s) for how different psychoactive drugs affect the nerve cells 9.Explain the links that biological psychology makes between anxiety and depression 10. What do the terms genotype, phenotype, epigenetics and endophenotype mean? 11. What does the chapter address about addiction/ alcoholism, in relation to inheritance and biological correlates (correlates = things that are related to – in this case alcoholism)? 12.What is TCI and in what way is this instrument linked to biological psychology?