Provide a LAN solution for each office connecting the computers together.
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SmartDefence is a software development company which focuses on integrated security
solutions. The company works on to find new clients who need security solutions for their
business and develop software to meet their security needs. Along with the software
development it provides other services like 24/7 support to the customers. The company operates
in three different locations namely: Toronto, Waterloo and Brampton.
Toronto location has got three offices in three different buildings and the distance between the
different buildings is not more than 800 meters. The management section of the company
includes a CEO, a President, two directors, a support manager, three sales and marketing
managers, and an HR manager. Along with the management team 70 programmers are working
in Toronto. Currently there are 73 desktop computers in Toronto (31 – main office and 21 for
each other offices).
Waterloo and Brampton have two offices each and the distance between different buildings in
each city is between 3-4km.
21 desktop computers in Waterloo (two offices): office1 has 10 desktop computers; office2 has
11 desktop computers;
26 desktop computers in Brampton (two offices): office1 has 12 desktop computers; office2 has
14 desktop computers.
In addition, all the managers have their own laptops which they carry every day to the work.
There are 4 main LAN servers: A Database server, a File Server, an Application server and a
Finance server that provides services to all employees as well as managers in the three locations.
These servers are installed in the Main office (Toronto).
Toronto will have 5 subnets: i) Managers ii) Office1 iii) Office2 iv) Office3 v) LAN Servers and
it uses a private IP:
Waterloo will have 2 subnets: i) Office1 ii) Office2 and it uses a private IP:

Brampton will have 2 subnets: i) Office1 ii) Office2 and it uses a private IP:
Your tasks are to network all branches, provide internet connectivity, e-mail services, remote
connectivity between other branches and Toronto, deploying other related servers as described
by the following questions:
1. Provide a LAN solution for each office connecting the computers together. What network
topology you are going to use for different LANs and why? Explain all connectivity devices
used by your selected topology. (5 points)
2. Provide a solution for IP address assignment for the above offices. You need to explain the
type of IP address assignment (static/automatic), how the total solution is going to work and
what type of server you are going to configure? (5 points)
3. How did you secure the LAN servers? (5 points)
4. Employees also need to work from home. So, what you are going to do so that employees
can work remotely in a secured environment? (7 points)
5. You want to provide a secured web server as well as email services to the clients. Place these
servers along with the other related servers (e.g., VPN server) in a DMZ area. Note: The
DMZ is connected to the Internet through a firewall. Where do you want to place the DMZ
servers and why? (5 points)
6. How are you going to connect the branch offices in each city? What type of transmission
media you are going to use? (5 Points)
7. What you are going to do to provide a secured Remote connectivity solution among all
offices using a VPN. (6 Points)
8. Apply VLSM (Variable Length Subnet Masking) to subnet Toronto network, Waterloo
network and Brampton network. For each subnet provide the followings (There are
altogether 9 subnets for the 3 three cities): (9 * (0.5 * 6)) = 27 points
i) Network ID
ii) Broadcast IP address
iii) 1
st usable IP address
iv) Last usable IP address
v) Subnet mask
vi) Total number of valid hosts