What are the keywords listed on this page for the article?
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Locate a full-text copy of the article: Pepper, J. K., Squiers, L. B., Peinado, S. C., Bann, C. M., Dolina, S. D., Lynch, M. M., … McCormack, L. A. (2018). Impact of messages about scientific uncertainty on risk perceptions and intentions to use electronic vaping products. Addictive Behaviors. https://doi-org.db08.linccweb.org/10.1016/j.addbeh.2018.10.025 (Links to an external site.) To locate this article, log into your FSCJ account and select Library and Learning Commons. Enter the title of the article in the search box. When you see the article listed from your search, click on the option for “Detailed Record.” 1. What are the keywords listed on this page for the article? (2 points) 2. How do the keywords relate to the title? Is the title descriptive (per APA rules)? (2 points) 3. Read the abstract. How well do the keywords relate to the content of the abstract? (2 points) Now, click on the link for full text. Read the introduction: 4. Identify the research question or questions that are being explored by this study. (3 points) 5. Is this study basic research or applied? Explain your answer and cite your textbook. (5 points). 6. The introduction to a journal article also describes past research relevant to the problem under investigation in the current study. a. How many previous studies are cited in the introduction? (3 points). b. Provide a complete reference for two of these studies. (2 points). 7. Read the Methods section: a. How did the authors locate the participants? (1 point). b. How many participants were included in this study? (1 point). c. How did the authors categorize the participants? (2 points). d. How did the authors measure the perceived risk? (2 points). 8. Read the Results section: a. Identify three findings from this study. (3 points). 9. Read the Discussion section: What are the key points in the discussion section? (4 points). 10. Do the authors mention any limitations? If so, what were they? (5 points). 10. Read the Abstract: How well did the abstract summarize the entire article? (2 points).