What is fanfiction?

What is fanfiction?
December 9, 2019 Comments Off on What is fanfiction? Assignment Assignment help

Write a fanfiction about any of the books, poems, or movies from our syllabus this semester.

What is fanfiction? Fanfiction is a type of story in which the author uses the established characters, settings, or other elements of a text to tell their own original story. So for example, a fanfiction about the Avengers movies might use characters that have been established by the Marvel movies in a new plot that doesn’t appear in those movies. For example, Rocket Racoon takes Thanos to a bar, gets him drunk, and steals the infinity gauntlet. For our class, an example of fanfiction might be a “deleted scene” from Jonathan Harker’s time in Dracula’s Castle.

Some fanfictions take the characters from a text and put them in an entirely different setting (different place and time). Some fanfictions use the same settings from the original text. Some fanfictions follow the established plot (canon) of the original text. Others deviate from the canon and provide alternative timelines. You can approach fanfiction in any number of ways and have fun with it.