What is the tragedy of the commons?

What is the tragedy of the commons?
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What is the tragedy of the commons? How does it relate to fishing and animal farming, and as a result, climate change and environmental degradation?

Which side would you take in the debate on Genetic Engineering and why? In your answer, please refer to the following concepts: potential yield, actual yield, GMO gene flow and CRISPR Technology.

Choose between:
A) What can be done further to ensure food is not being wasted or lost across the food supply chain? Please describe the amount of food you have disposed of in the past week or have seen disposed of in your place of work/university/cafeteria/friends/family. Come up with a specific solution to this type of food waste.

B) What is Agroecology and why is it important? How can its principles (at least 2) be implemented on a larger scale? What type of legislation would you propose to assist farmers in adopting some of these principles?

C) What are the proposed ‘Planetary Boundaries’? In what ways does the global food system contribute to the crossing of these boundaries?