What moral values are central to you ?
January 15, 2020 Comments Off on What moral values are central to you ? Course Work Assignment help

Separate FileIn this class we will develop capacities for critically assessing moral scenarios, theories, and beliefs. Morality is the domain of human conduct that involves what we should or ought to do or should not do. What makes an action right or wrong? What makes someone praiseworthy or blameworthy? How can we decide what action to undertake in a given scenario? Part of the goal of this class is to enable you to articulate the reasons behind your beliefs and judgments. Moral judgments involve evaluations that someone is blameworthy or responsible for some outcome or event. We will also look at theories about what makes something or someone morally responsible, and what features make an act right or wrong.For this mini essay you will reflect on your values related to right and wrong action, as well as praiseworthiness and blameworthiness. Take some time to think about what values you take to be central to who you are as a person. You will also engage in some personal reflection on the origin and nature of your current moral beliefs and preferences. In your essay be sure to give me reasons for each claim that you make. Remember: I am not “in your head” and some things might not be as clear to me as they are to you. Give me reasons and explanation for your beliefs – tell me why someone should agree with what you are saying. Reread your essay as if you were me and make sure to watch out for any typos or grammatical errors.Answer the following questions: (a) What moral values are central to you ? (Ask yourself what moral rules or principles you accept and would want to pass on to any children you do or might have and why; AND what qualities you think a morally good or praiseworthy person possesses and why?)(b) In your view, can moral obligations very from person to person and why? (e.g., should we judge people different depending on their age, social status, culture, upbringing, gender, etc? If so, when and why? If not, why?)(c) Where did you develop your moral outlook? If our moral beliefs largely come down to how we were raised, then our values are in a sense a matter of chance – what does this imply about the certainty of your moral beliefs in relation to someone who grew up in a different time or culture? How have your moral beliefs changed over time?