What risk(s) did this situation pose for the Grammy Awards?
January 31, 2020 Comments Off on What risk(s) did this situation pose for the Grammy Awards? Course Work Assignment help

On Sunday 1/26/20, Kobe Bryant and his 13 year old daughter along with 7 additional passengers and crew were killed in a helicopter accident in California.  Kobe Bryant was an NBA great and considered an inspiration to many.  The accident was confirmed and publicized as the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards were about to take place.  The Grammy team jumped into action and immediately adjusted the schedule, layout, and many details for the evening broadcast.  Please research online and respond to the following.  Use credible sources and include links where appropriate.  

1. Large crowds descended upon the Staples Center to pay tribute to Kobe Bryant.  What risk(s) did this situation pose for the Grammy Awards?  What was done to ensure the safety of all in attendance?  

2.  The red carpet at large events is a carefully designed and timed portion of the event.  News of the tragedy spread quickly and broadcasters quickly adjusted their live coverage.  What was noticeably different from the red carpet in the 2020 broadcast across media outlets?  Do you feel the Grammy organization had an obligation to inform or make suggestions to the media about their coverage of the red carpet or event?  

3.  Live broadcasts always come with challenges.  There were many changes made to the live broadcast of the Grammy Awards in 2020 out of respect for the lives lost earlier that day.  Research one edit to programming that was made between rehearsal and the live broadcast.  Did the event planners and producers of the show do a good job executing the edit?  Why?