What/who determines if a piece of art is art?
January 13, 2020 Comments Off on What/who determines if a piece of art is art? ping Assignment help

After watching a very entertaining 1:13 minute video on finding a piece of work by Jackson Pollock, consider the following: What constitutes a piece of work as art? Who is qualified to be the judge? What makes a masterpiece a masterpiece? Does one have to be schooled, taught, and mastered in the art of painting (or any other form of art) to be a “Master?” Are some better off presenting their real feelings in the absence of education? These are the questions I would like for you to address in a 2-3 page essay after viewing this film and reading the first five chapters of your text. Consider the differences between “outsider” (naïve or folk) art and the works of professional artists (Pollock), explaining the reasons that you believe that “outsider” art should or should not be accepted by critics, museums and galleries, and the public as “real” art. n your essay, answer the questions “what is art,” “what/who determines if a piece of art is art,” and “how do we place a value on a piece of art?”