Write a paper applying the concept of a “single story”.
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paper applying the concept of a “single story” to the topic of your choosing.
Explain the single story you chose. To do this, outline its narrative and logic. What is the story? What aspect of social life does it attempt to explain? Etc.

Analyze where the story originated. How did this story become ‘a thing?’ What is the function of the story? How does this story fit in with other social processes/ structures? Etc.

Explore its impact on identity, perceptions of others, social relations, and social institutions: How does the story affect people’s sense of self? How does it affect the way we understand each other? How does it affect contemporary social relations? How does it contribute to the perpetuation of inequality in society? How has it become institutionalized? Who tells the story and who hears it?

Listen to Alternative Stories: What is the counter narrative to this single story? How does the story shift if you listen to these testimonies? What happens to the story if you follow the perspective of those most oppressed by it/ and or those able to see through the narrative?

Change the Story: How can the story be changed? What can you do in your daily life to contribute to shifting the narrative? What can be done on a broader scale?